Ron Hitchins (born 1926) is ceramicist, maker of reliefs and a noted exponent of Flamenco dancing.  Born in east London, he has lived in Hackney since 1939. Ron Hitchins has had a varied life, including working in the market in Petticoat Lane, in business as a tailor, a ceramist and sculptor especially in the 1960s and 1970s, and throughout a talented dancer in all styles but especially the Spanish Flamenco.  He still lives in Hackney and is featured in a short film titled ‘Ron Hitchins; Made in Hackney’.

Ron Hitchins - An abstract relief

Artist: Ron HitchinsTitle: An abstract relief - signed with initials and made from fibreglass  Description: This relief is an impressive piece dating in all probability from the mid 1960s. It is signed by the artist lower left with his initials 'RH' and is made in fibreglass...