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Latest update May 2022:

Our latest update of Modern British Art works is now live on the website. Works featured by Eric Gill, Patrick Hayman, Jean Young, Sidney Causer, Dick Lee, Francis Wynne Thomas and Hugh Ralph Micklem respectively. 

Latest update Easter 2022:

I am pleased to launch our latest update for Easter which includes a charcoal drawing by Margaret Traherne (1919-2006), an abstract oil painting on paper from 1965 by David Hazelwood (1932-1994), and an etching from the Welsh Portfolio by Gordon House (1932-2004).

The update also includes a selection of works by the Polish artist Mieczyslaw Lurczynski (1907-1992).  He spent the majority of his working life in France. The paintings will appear on this site over a period of time and also on our sister website Nick Waters Art.

Latest update March 2022:

We have updated the website for March with six new works. This includes prints by the sculptor Robert Clatworthy, RA, Patrick Hayman and the Welsh artist Gordon House. In addition to this is an interesting cellulose and Perspex relief by Elizabeth Fletcher, an oil on canvas French Landscape by Michael Stokoe, an abstract mixed media work titled 'Tricyclist' by the sculptor and painter Anthony Twentyman, and last but not least, a .

Latest update February 2022:

I am pleased to launch our update for February which includes some very interesting work by Julius Larder (born 1964), a printmaker and draughtsman. He was born in Kingston-upon-Hull in Yorkshire. Little is recorded about him but we understand that he studied art at one of the leading art colleges in London and later went to work in France.

The update also includes an original gouache abstract painting by Anthony Benjamin (1931-2002). The work was acquired several years ago from the late artist’s partner and is part of a group of studies Benjamin painted in 1962 for larger works.

Also listed is an original etching and aquatint by Charles Bartlett (1921-2014). Pin Mill is a hamlet on the south bank of the River Orwell in Suffolk, a location favoured by the artist. Finally we have an Italian School etching, likely to date from the 1960s to 1980s. Our next update in March will feature work from Robert Clatworthy among others.

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